CRM For Real Estate

If you are running a property related business in Dubai, you must need a CRM for your Real Estate business. You can spend on your Facebook ads or google ads and can generate leads, but if you do not nurture those leads using a CRM for your real estate business, there is a high chance that these leads will go down the drain.

Your real estate agents may be focusing on low hanging fruits and may miss the large number of prospects who are not yet sales-ready. They may be using Excel sheets to enter their daily enquiries. Using Excel for lead management can be disastrous. The biggest disadvantage of not using CRM for your property business is that you cannot monitor the daily activity performed by your sales agents on a particular lead. Secondly, you cannot perform any automation on your Real Estate leads e.g. auto-emails for acknowledging their enquiry, email marketing campaign, lead scoring, upselling your existing clients etc.

With our experience of dealing with Real Estate companies and implementing CRM for their realty business, we have seen tremendous improvements in their business process and lead conversion ratio. Although there are various options available in the market, Zoho CRM has the exceptional ability to become an ideal CRM for real estate business in UAE. It can be up and running in less than 1 week and with its extremely user-friendly interface, your team can start using it efficiently within a few days.

With an efficient CRM for your Real Estate business, your sales can multiply as you nurture your prospects more efficiently and always stay in front of their eyes.

You can book a free one-on-one consulting session for your Real Estate business and we can guide you that how a CRM can boost your realty business. Just fill the form below and our Real Estate CRM expert shall be in touch with you within 24 hours.