Why VAT Sucks!

If you are a business owner or a non-VAT-Specialist, filing your VAT return on your own is surely not your cup of tea. Not only for you it is a non-core function but also incorrect filing exposes to hefty fines levied by Federal Tax Authority of UAE.

Following may be the few reasons you hate doing your own VAT return

  1. It does not add any value to the top-line of the business
  2. You may not be an expert in accounting and numbers seems alien to you!
  3. Your accounting system does not generate directly the VAT return and you may not know the correct way to do it manually
  4. You fear that you will do something wrong and being too cautious you miss some true input claims which hurt your cash flow
  5. Most of all, even your Accountant is not VAT expert and he relies on your input for VAT!

If the above is true for your, then sit back and relax 🙂 You are not the only one alone in this boat. It happens to most of the non-finance persons. Good news is that you can cope up with that and can avoid the VAT mistakes by following the steps below.

  • There is so much free stuff on the internet about UAE VAT. Check it here. This will help you to understand VAT basics
  • Check free guides by Federal Tax Authority of UAE
  • You can even hir an affordable VAT Consultant who can take all your VAT worries and ensure your VAT compliance. Why not just talk to us and we can help you in this regard. Click here

Bonus: You can also take a simply Online VAT Course and do-it-yourself to save money. Check this