Looking for VAT Consultant in UAE to help you in getting VAT compliant? We at Lynchpin Consulting have already been providing VAT Consulting Services in UAE to many companies.

We can help you get ready for VAT compliance in UAE. Our consulting services for VAT in UAE includes the following:

VAT Health-check review

Implementation of VAT compliant Accounting Software for your business

VAT bookkeeping services to avoid any penalties for VAT non-compliance

Training of your staff on VAT in UAE

VAT return filing services as per UAE VAT laws

Company registration for VAT in UAE

Design and implementation of VAT structure in your company

Assessment of VAT on your sales price and profitability


We Work as Team with You on Your Business Issues

We work as a team with you to understand your business problems and then provide you affordable and reliable consulting solutions.

Business Services Consulting

Our end-to-end Consulting services assist you from Accounting & Tax to Business Automation using ERP Solutions. This helps your maximize the ROI.

E-Commerce Start-up Consulting

The fasted growing business of E-commerce is better run with advise of mentor and experts. Lynchpin is here to assist you.

Financial Services Consulting

For all your Corporate Finance needs, we have dedicated unit of Finance Services which is run under the supervision of veteran bankers

MIS, Data Analytics & Dashboards

When you engage us for Accounting Services, we become your eyes on the business. All KPIs are available at a single click for you.

Industry Specific Consulting Solutions

Whether you into Logistics, Pharama, Travel, Oil & gas sector, we have industry specific experts for your Tax Consulting requirements.

Why traders choose us


Businesses can find it extremely difficult to understand the complex VAT area. This can expose your business to penalties from Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

At Lynchpin Consulting, our expert VAT consultants can answer your general or specific VAT queries. We offer this service at a very affordable cost so that you can become a self-starter in handling your business VAT issues.



How VAT can impact your business?

VAT implementation advice

VAT registration

VAT record keeping

VAT impact on specific business transactions like Bad Debts, Sales Returns, Discount etc.

How to handle and rectify VAT errors

Filing of VAT return

Partial exemption status of your business

Land & property transcations

Understanding of VAT on international trade

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Simply give us a call and share what you want to get clarification on. Our expert VAT consulting team will share with you the scope of meeting, timing and cost associated with it. Next, we visit you or you are welcome to visit our office & we address all your general VAT queries. Also we can take next steps in addressing your overall business VAT requirement.